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Terms of Use

Are “terms of use” necessary? We have no idea. Just in case, here’s a bunch of words that mean you can’t sue us or steal our stuff. Or something like that.


(Thanks to Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit for granting permission to copy and adapt his Terms of Use.)

By reading, linking to, quoting, printing out, or in any way making use of STEINLINES.com’s content in any means, place, or forum, you agree to the following:


1. All original content of STEINLINES is copyrighted by STEINLINES’s owner, presently Scott A. Stein, and is not to be used without permission except as provided herein. “STEINLINES” and “SteinLines.com” belong to Scott A. Stein. In using STEINLINES you recognize that STEINLINES is primarily a guide to content on the Web and a satirical publication, that all content is provided on an as-is basis, and that no factual statement on this site should be relied upon without further investigation on your part sufficient to satisfy you in your independent judgment that it is true. These terms of use are subject to change, and should be reviewed regularly.


2. Privacy: STEINLINES doesn’t collect any information about you. STEINLINES isn’t even interested in any information about you. But our advertisers and traffic monitoring service do automatically collect anonymous information about the comings and goings of our readers. Your computer may also collect information about your meanderings around the interwebs, including the fact that you visited STEINLINES. So if you worry about these things, you might want to clear your cookies and internet history.


3. Permission is granted to read, quote, cite, link to, print out or otherwise use STEINLINES content, so long as you comply with the terms below.


A. All quotations from STEINLINES will include credit to STEINLINES or to Scott Stein and, wherever practicable, a hyperlink of the form http://steinlines.com … to the site.


B. In exchange for the access to STEINLINES content described above, you agree not to sue STEINLINES for its content, whether original or linked or quoted from another source, in any court, on any grounds whatsoever in law or equity. Should you violate this agreement by filing such a lawsuit, you agree to pay STEINLINE’s owner or owners the sum of one million dollars ($1,000,000) as liquidated damages, in addition to all attorney’s fees, court costs, and other expenses associated with this litigation, and to indemnify and save harmless STEINLINES and its owners from any damage award made against them in such an action. Should this agreement not to sue be held unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, you agree to binding arbitration, with all arbitration expenses to be paid by you. The arbitration panel shall be composed of three (3) weblog operators selected by STEINLINE’s owners or operators. The award in such arbitration shall be limited to (1) a monetary sum not to exceed $10; and (2) the publication of a retraction on the STEINLINES site. Should this arbitration provision be held uneforceable in a court of competent jurisdiction, you agree to accept as liquidated damages in any lawsuit against STEINLINES the sum of ten dollars ($10), and you agree that you will be entitled to no other relief of any kind in law or equity. You agree that all disputes concerning these terms of use or the content of Steinlines.com are to be resolved in the courts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, under the laws of Pennsylvania and the United States of America.


C. You agree that efforts to obtain STEINLINES content in violation or circumvention of these terms of use constitute a violation of STEINLINE’s copyright and you understand and agree that (1) by virtue of this agreement you are stopped from arguing otherwise: and (2) such violations may lead to civil or criminal penalties.


D. If you are a corporation, you agree to provide, upon the filing of any lawsuit or the mailing of any letter threatening legal action, a bond in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) as security against the liquidated damages provided for in paragraph 2.B. above. If you are an attorney or law firm representing a party filing such lawsuit or causing such a letter to be sent, you agree to provide a bond in the same amount as security against the liquidated damages provided for in paragraph 2.B. above unless you have never accessed, viewed, read, or otherwise made use of STEINLINES content in any form.


3. If you do not agree to these terms of use, exit the site immediately, destroy all copies of STEINLINES content remaining in any form on your computer, any other computer or network device under your control, in print form, or on any information storage or retrieval device that you possess or control. Then execute the following affidavit and contact STEINLINES using the contact form on the front page of this site to ask for our mailing address, after which you must send the following affidavit by certified mail to said mailing address.




I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that I possess no copies of the STEINLINES website in any form whatsoever; that neither I nor any employee or associate will access that site in the future in any form whatsoever; that I will immediately destroy any copies of STEINLINES content that happen to come into my possession. I understand that action contrary to these statements constitutes both perjury and a violation of the STEINLINES Terms of Use, subjecting me to possible civil and criminal liability.



Signed (include date)



Witnessed (notary)


Notary Seal:


My commission expires: ______________

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